Body Treatments

Massage at Waters Day Spa in Hamilton

Detox/Preparation Treatment

Infrared Sauna  

Infrared waves warm your muscles to a deep level. Use as a stand-alone detox treatment, or as the ultimate way to prepare for your massage.
Allow 30 mins
$45 as stand-alone treatment  | Only $22 with any other treatment.

Massage Treatments

Therapeutic Massage

Relieve built up tension and melt into the moment with our intensive therapeutic relaxation massage. Our 60 minute treatment covers the whole body with an Indian Head Massage to send you to sleep.
Full Body: Allow 60 mins – $135  |  Back, Neck & shoulders: Allow 30 mins – $78

Aromatouch with Sauna

Detox with an infrared sauna then indulge in an aromatherapy massage with our famous Doterra theraputic grade essential oils to help relax muscles, release tension, soothe irritated tissue, increase circulation, and aid in pain relief leaving your muscles relaxed.
Allow 60 mins $90


Reflex points on the feet which represent organs of the body are massaged using ancient healing methods to balance and realign the systems of the body.
Allow 30 mins $78


Take time out for two. A light massage to lower back, shoulders and neck with natural, non-perfumed waxes.
Allow 30 mins $78

Hot Rocks

Warm, magnetic stones are used instead of hands, drawing toxins from muscles throughout the whole body. Best to receive this treatment after work or on Saturdays. Extreme relaxation!
Allow 75 mins $165

Hydrotherapy capsule

Hydrotherapy Body Capsule

Hot Chocolate or Mango & Blossom

Try our famous Hot Chocolate Body Dip or Mango and Blossom Water treatment. Our blend of mineral salts and lemongrass exfoliate your skin while a heavenly steam envelopes you. You are then buttered in a selection of hot chocolate or fruit masks, hydrating the skin with silky smooth results. This treatment is completed with warm Vichy showers.
Allow 60 mins $135

Phyt’s Organic River Silt   

This slimming and toning hydrotherapy capsule treatment uses a powerful detoxifying River Silt from France which helps increase circulation, removes toxins through the lymphatic system, reduces cellulite and aids in the breakdown of fat cells.
Allow 60 mins $153

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